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Posts from — February 2011

Introductions: Our Missions Blog

Welcome to our missions blog! Since this is a new thing for us, perhaps some introductions are in order. I’ll begin by introducing the blog and then talk more about us in the next posts.

Our blog has a fairly narrow purpose. The goals of this blog are basically 3:

  1. Introduce anyone interested to missionary work in Mwanza, Tanzania
  2. Update our partnering churches on our role as missionaries
  3. Build these ministry partnerships by sharing our thoughts and experiences, providing ways to interact

In short, this blog is intended to give its readers a quick and simple means of staying up to speed with the ministry to which we have been called. For you, the readers, a blog has the advantage of convenience. And for the sake of our partnerships, this format allows us to communicate more deeply and broadly on life and ministry matters. The idea is that the more familiar you are with what the work is about, the more meaningful your prayer and support will be for us and, ultimately, for the whole of the ministry. It took weeks (and some cases much longer) for news about Paul’s work in missions to reach the established churches. Today, we can deliver an update to practically anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds.

The advantages of using a blog depends, of course, on people knowing how to take advantage of them. If you are a newcomer to the blogosphere, this Wikipedia article is more than enough information to start. Then, maybe, you’ll want to bookmark this website so you can find your way back easily. Or, if you know what RSS is, try subscribing to the RSS feed.

February 25, 2011   1 Comment