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Posts from — December 2011

Merry Christmas, Blog Readers!

Laura and I are visiting my family in Iowa for Christmas. We are enjoying ourselves, anticipating that this will be our last Christmas in the United States before we leave for Africa. Laura and I would like to wish all of you a blessed Christmas and a happy New Year!

Now, there may be no better way to spend time off over the holiday than to consider the mission God has given to the Church. That’s what we and a couple hundred other people will be doing at the Student Global Impact National Conference on January 3-5 in Allen Park, MI. If you are available, it would be great to see you there.

December 24, 2011   No Comments

The Last Meeting of 2011

On December 18 we were invited to share the ministry with Grace Baptist Church in Waterford, MI. They have supported the work in Mwanza since it started and a number of them visited the field when the second church was just being started. Our visit provided them an update. I presented the ministry in the Sunday School hour and preached for the afternoon service. We are encouraged to hear that God would use our ministry to be a blessing to those we meet with.

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Winter Deputation Season is Now Open

We joined Holmen Baptist Church in Holmen, WI, for their Sunday worship services on December 4th. I preached for the morning service and presented our ministry during the afternoon service. We enjoyed being engaged in conversation about ministry and everyone’s interest in missions.

On the way into Holmen we experienced our first winter storm on the road since we started deputation. There were no problems, but it did serve as a reminder that getting from church to church during the winter won’t always be as easy as we’ve had it so far.

December 11, 2011   No Comments

December 2011 Prayer Update

We’re currently on our way to western Wisconsin, anticipating a good day with the people of Holmen Baptist Church. Here is the latest of praises and prayer requests.

  1. God has allowed us to move completely into full-time pre-field ministry. The Seminary now has a good man trained to take my place. God has provided for all of our needs and freed more of our resources so that we can focus on moving to on-field ministry.
  2. Laura, now about half-way through pregnancy, continues to feel better in spite of our long hours on the road.
  3. A few more churches have informed us that they are currently in the process of considering partnership with us. The so-called “second half” of deputation could move along just as quickly as the first. More importantly, we are encouraged by the effort churches are making to communicate with us and build an open and supportive relationship with them.
  1. Please pray for the churches currently considering partnership with us. We recognize that such decisions involve making commitments to sacrificial giving and devotion to prayer. We pray that a church’s decision to partner with us is meaningful for the people of the church so that it continues this way.
  2. Matt will be taking a trip to Tanzania in late January and early February. This will provide opportunity for all of our teammates (with the exception of Laura) to meet together. We’ll be discussing ministry and I’ll be getting a start on our transition to Africa. Please pray that this will be useful for all of us. Among other things, I hope it pushes us through the last part of our pre-field ministry.
  3. Please pray for wisdom as we make ministry plans for the Spring of 2012 and begin more earnest preparations for departure.

December 3, 2011   No Comments