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Posts from — April 2013

Ian is One!

Ian Holding our Hands

We are thankful for God’s blessings on our family as we celebrate our son’s first birthday (April 23). The Lord has shown himself strong and kind in giving us a wonderful gift in Ian. Our Little Guy loves living here. He has adjusted wonderfully to our new home. God has given Ian health and is helping him grow and develop. We are enjoying his “firsts” and loving being parents.

Ian is an adventurous explorer who loves trying new things. He is very friendly with children his age and is not as afraid of adults as he once was. He loves playing with Daddy, visiting his Eads friends, exploring outside, “reading” books, taking baths, “driving” the truck, and making messes! Thank you for your prayers for him.

April 24, 2013   4 Comments

Shipping Containers and the God Who Provides (Part 1)

I am glad to say that our shipping container finally made it here last week. Container Kesho (Tomorrow) is now Container Leo (Today). Thank you for praying.

Our Shipping Container Landing at Shadi

We are grateful that the container provided a means to bring things that will help clothe our growing boy, fix some things around the house, and make food preparation a little easier. While these things are not necessities, they certainly are blessings. With the blessings, however, come a few peculiar challenges. We have prayed through the logistical challenges, but there is also a grotesquely fascinating history involving missionaries and their shipping containers.

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April 22, 2013   1 Comment

Thistles in the Way or Roses along the Path?

I once had a calendar with inspirational quotes that reminded me, “life is 70% what you make of it” or something like that. There may be some truth to the idea that outcome is shaped by what we perceive of a given situation. But that thought doesn’t seem so practical when we’re surrounded by apparently pointless problems. For instance, I don’t understand many of the obstacles that we encountered in the way of Container Kesho’s arrival. One hurdle was the bank’s technical problems in wiring payment. The Tanzanian Revenue Authority misplaced our file. More recently the truck hauling the container was unable to pass because of low-hanging electrical wires.

On this and a few other projects I’ve caught myself responding to these hiccups with frustration. We all know what it’s like to imagine some project finishing without any major problems only to be frustrated by all the little things that ruin our plan. These experiences might make us interested in the Scriptures that suggest there is an easy way. Consider Proverbs 15:19:

The way of the sluggard is blocked with thorns, but the path of the upright is a highway.

Maybe things are difficult just because we are not on the highway of the upright! I think it’s better, however, to understand this proverb to compare the way the upright and the sluggard look at the same obstacles.

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April 11, 2013   1 Comment

April 2013 Prayer Update

We recorded a short video as our monthly update for April. Watch it here if you can or follow the link below to see it at

Here are a few ways you can be praying with us:
  1. Container Kesho is now waiting at the Tanzanian-Kenyan border. We are grateful to God that progress is being made and it has been moved out of Mombassa, preventing port costs from rising.
  2. The presidential elections in Kenya affect the stability of East Africa. A president has been elected and the courts have just validated the election, but ordeal may not be over. Please pray for a peaceful conclusion to the process so that the gospel may continue to advance (1 Tim 2:2).
  3. The most productive days for language learning demand stamina and humility. Please join us in praying for God-enabled wisdom and endurance.

April 2, 2013   6 Comments