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Posts from — June 2013

Provision in “Lesser” Things

It is an unspeakable privilige that our work puts us in situations where God’s presence in our lives (i.e. kindness towards us) is undoubtably evident. Our trip to Iringa last month provided several reminders of this. [Read more →]

June 27, 2013   1 Comment

First Preaching in Swahili

Two weeks of Bible Institute concluded this past Friday morning. The students and the teacher all approve of the work. As we are observing, however, the greater difficulty in the task of disseminating biblical training is not teaching the Institute students, but inducing the students to pass along teaching to others. 2 Timothy 2:2 and related passages have been finding their way into our team discussions and prayers recently.

We will be eating this elephant one bite at a time. For now, I am basically an Institute student myself, sitting in class to learn how to express biblical ideas in Swahili. Even so, I passed a significant milestone this last week. I was given the opportunity to preach a couple short devotionals to the students in Swahili. The first was on Ephesians 6:10–17 and the armor of God. The main thought was that we need to be prayerfully preparing ourselves daily with the truth of the Gospel so that we may be ready to fight against the lies of our enemy. The second devotional was from 1 John 1:1–4 and the joy of sharing with others the news of who God is and what he has accomplished. I briefly encouraged the men that the work of learning about God is not finished until it is shared with others.

The devotionals were manuscripted and then edited by others. From my perspective, the delivery was still rough and full of mistakes. But by God’s grace, the points were made and received. After confirming that the men understood me, they were asked to help me correct my Swahili. I am looking forward to teaching these men some day; but for now, I am grateful to be their student!

June 17, 2013   4 Comments

June 2013 Prayer Update

We have just now finished our last day of language school in Iringa. It has been very useful for us. The day this is posted we will begin the trip back to Mwanza. Then the test of our language learning begins!

We are so grateful for your prayers. We are regularly aware of God’s mercies towards us, undoubtedly being multiplied because of the prayers being offered on our behalf. Here are a few ways we can continue to thank our heavenly Father and bring new requests together.

  1. Every journey in Africa qualifies for our definition of “adventure.” It was a matter of God’s grace that the only incidents encountered on the trip out here were minor—all repairable with the help of our new friends in Iringa. God has once again answered prayer and mercifully met our needs. Now, we would be grateful for your prayers as we make the drive back to Mwanza.
  2. The Bible Institute is now in session. Classes on the church and the Holy Spirit will conclude June 14. Please continue praying that the teacher will have facility with Scripture and interactions with the students and that those students will receive God’s word with faith.
  3. The church in Shadi is pressing forward with their plans to start a new church in the village of Usagara, about 15 kilometers south of their own location. Our current intentions are to purchase land prior to the start of evangelism. The primary reason for this is to secure the location before the price rises—everything is growing so quickly in this area. A piece of land has been selected and sufficient resources have been set aside. Please pray for wisdom and God’s blessing as property is purchased and the evangelist is prepared to go.

June 7, 2013   No Comments