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Posts from — June 2014

The Church in Nyakaliro

This is the second post in a series on the history and progress of the churches we work with. The first post covered the church in Sweya.

Nyakaliro and Luselelo Churches in Nyakaliro

The Churches of Nyakaliro and Luselelo Following a Combined Service (2009)

A Brief History of the Grace Baptist Church in Nyakaliro

The location for the second church plant was selected by the men who had begun studying in the first years of the Bible Institute. They settled on a village about a three-hour-drive West from the church in Sweya, along the shore of Lake Victoria. The choice was influenced by (1) a desire to move west across the Mwanza Gulf, (2) the size and location of Nyakaliro relative to other villages in its district, (3) the absence of any evangelical church.
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The Church in Sweya

Relatively little on this blog has been said concerning the churches themselves with whom we work. As I’ve suggested in previous updates, this season has given us the opportunity to draw nearer to the lives of these people. Becoming more acquainted with the happenings within the churches has brought a mix of responses: excitement and gravity.

In this and the following posts I’d like to share generally the history and current progress of each of the churches. My hope is that you would be better equipped to pray for the churches and for those of us who are working directly with them.

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June 2014 Prayer Update

June coincides with the beginning of our dry season and “visitor season” since some of you have chosen to spend a part of your Summer with us (or other members of our team). Tumaini Children’s Home is now hosting a group of thirteen from Bob Jones University. Their primary project is tutoring the kids while they are on break from school. More groups of visitors will follow them. Karibuni (Welcome y’all)!

Prayer Update

We thank you that though we may be out of sight, you remind us that we are not out of mind. Thank you for laboring with us in prayer. Here are a few ways you can pray with us:

  1. By God’s grace, we are all making progress in learning Swahili. Ian is able to greet people (when he wants to); Laura is encouraged that she understands more of the singing at church; and a recent test validated that Matt is on track. Thank you for praying and praise God for persevering grace.
  2. A few young men in Shadi that I have regularly visited over the past months have begun making good on their interest to start attending church services. Please thank God with us for drawing them to Himself and pray that they would bear fruit of repentance.
  3. Please pray for Laura’s health and strength while she is pregnant. It’s hot and Ian is known to break more things before 7am on any given day than we can fix in a week.
  4. We have begun a search for a new vehicle. Our current truck has let us down too many times. Please pray with us for wisdom and God’s provision in selling this truck and finding a new one—something with less hidden problems.

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