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Posts from — August 2014

August 2014 Ministry Update

We recorded a short video for this month’s update.

[vimeo 104090004]


Prayer Update

  1. This is an exciting and critical time in our work with the churches. Please pray for wisdom in resolving the general challenges of pastoral support and numerical growth and answering specific requests from the church leadership.
  2. Thank you for praying with us about our upcoming trip to Nairobi. Thank God for answers to prayer regarding housing and transportation. Please continue praying for God’s help that we may to arrive, deliver the baby, and return safely and within our means.
  3. God has provided the means for us to purchase (what we hope to be) a more reliable vehicle. The payment has been made; I hope to be picking it up soon. Thank you for praying for provision and wisdom in the process. Please continue praying that we may sell our current vehicle without much trouble.

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Two Accidents

Wednesday of this week brought an unusually high amount of difficult news. The shop owners in town went on strike (again) and we were summoned to the village chairman’s office in Sweya to settle a land dispute. The most challenging news involved two of the pastors we work with.

[

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The Church in Luselelo

This is the fourth post in a series on the history and progress of the churches we work with. Preceding posts covered the churches in Sweya, Nyakaliro, and Shadi.

A Brief History of the Church in Luselelo

The plans for starting a church in Luselelo were put in motion by the church in Nyakaliro. Luselelo sits a short 30-minute bicycle taxi ride down the road from its parent church. Among the locations in which we work, Luselelo is the most remote and smallest village.

After the initial work of evangelism, they began meeting as a church in 2007. Jonas, a Bible Institute graduate from Nyakaliro, was sent to lead the group as their church planter.

Perhaps, as another example of disagreements with perceived “outsiders,” the group in Luselelo never accepted Jonas as their pastor. In late 2013, he was asked to step down. Since then, he has been serving faithfully at his home church in Nyakaliro. Another Institute graduate and native Luseleloan, Laurent, has filled the leadership void and the church has since taken great steps forward.

The Church in Luselelo

Greetings outside the church in Luselelo

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