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April 2015 Prayer Update

3,000 miles on the road. 9 churches. 19 cheeseburgers. And counting.

Since returning to the States in early February we have already finished reporting in all our partnering churches in Minnesota and Wisconsin. We’ve begun shifting east, currently visiting churches in southwest Ohio. Seven days from now we’ll have met with two more churches, and begun our first trip back to Michigan in over 30 months (after some downtime with Laura’s family).

Approach to Furlough Meetings

As I’ve shared with our partnering churches, our aim and prayer for our meetings together is basically twofold:

  • First, as we consider what has been accomplished in Tanzania for the sake of His name, we plan to rejoice together in what God has done (2 Cor 1:11; 4:15).
  • Second, Like Paul, we consider our relationship with our churches as a partnership in the gospel (Phil 1:5). These partnerships are effective to the degree that we likeminded in the work of the gospel (Phil 1:27). To that end, I intend to explain our objectives and challenges so that we may truly labor together.

Prayer Update

God has indeed granted us blessed meetings with our partnering churches. We believe our objectives are being reached in the churches while the churches have successfully encouraged us. The crazy travel schedule is unavoidable, but our hosts have gone a long way to make the challenges more enjoyable.

We are also excited to have the opportunity to be a part of our friends’ and family’s lives in ways we can’t while residing in Africa. While en route to Ohio, we were able to stop in central Illinois for Laura’s grandmother’s 97th birthday. Grandma Amy has been one of our most regular correspondents during our first term!

Happy Birthday Grandma Amy

God is good! Here are some ways that you can pray with us:

  1. Our constant traveling is hardest on Laura and the kids. Please pray for safety in travel and strength to adjust. We pray for wisdom to encourage one another while everything and everyone around us constantly changes.
  2. Please continue praying for wisdom to help Tanzanian churches resolve leadership and economic challenges. The effort in this regard is a cross-cultural team effort in which we are eager to maintain unity and obedience to God’s word.
  3. The doctors have tentatively cleared Beth Roark to return to Tanzania after health concerns have kept her back in the States for observation. Please pray for the health of our orphanage workers and the strength they need to continue serving short-handed.

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