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Posts from — July 2015

Upcoming Planned Evangelism

The long dry season (June–August) is often considered a good time for community activities that get squeezed out of the planting and harvesting seasons. These months are usually when checkers and soccer football leagues are formed. The increased free time is probably why the Tanzanian churches are gearing up for special outreach. Please join with us in praying for these efforts to share the gospel.

  1. The church in Sengerema is hosting outdoor evangelistic services the last weekend in July (July 31–Aug 2). Dan Eads and Pastor Samson (from Shadi) will be preaching gospel messages each day. Food will be provided and some follow-up visits may be conducted the same weekend. This will be the first event of this kind to be hosted by the churches we are working with.
  2. The church in Shadi is moving forward with its plans to plant a church in Usagara (south of us by a 30-minute-drive). Evangelism begins the first week of August with small teams of church members relocating to Usagara to visit house-to-house during the weekdays. This plan will be repeated for a few weeks until a group can be formed.
  3. Dan Eads has set September as the start of evangelistic work near the Saint Augustine University campus in Malimbe (near Sweya, 15-minute-drive from Shadi). He plans to focus on small group Bible studies with the help of some Bible Institute graduates.

Each project reflects a slightly different method of evangelism. To be honest, we are all trying to develop best practices in proclaiming the gospel to people who generally believe that the gospel is mainly about prosperity and that God’s favor is bestowed for attending church. These errors can be reinforced or corrected by the way we share the gospel.

I intend to participate in each of these efforts. May I suggest that we pray for opportunity and wisdom in handling gospel conversations and God’s effectual working to win people to Himself for the sake of His name.

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2015 Furlough Wrap-up

Before beginning this furlough a Tanzanian neighbor asked if we were planning to drive back to the States. As it turns out, we accumulated more than enough miles driving between churches in the States to make it from Mwanza to Detroit and almost halfway back!

We would like to acknowledge God’s graces over the many miles we have accumulated this year. Despite the difficulty of continuous moving with two small children, we found our visits to partnering churches to be very encouraging. We have been reminded of the many people praying for us with an understanding of our work and non-work needs–even praying for us in ways that we have not explicitly asked. Moreover, you have all been such gracious hosts, accomodating us in many ways. It seems that you are all reading the same good book on best practices for missionaries on furlough.

In 5 months’ time we were able to meet with 21 churches for ministry reports and various other ministries. We enjoyed many of your cheeseburgers along the way. Thank you for working with us and encouraging us in the Lord. We have just now clocked one week back in Tanzania, settling back in and gearing up for some big projects ahead.

The following pictures are a sampling of our family and ministry experiences since we began this furlough in February. (You may need to follow the link to the website in order to view all of them.)

July 26, 2015   2 Comments