earthen vessels, East Africa, and the gospel
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Shipping Containers and the God Who Provides (Part 1)

I am glad to say that our shipping container finally made it here last week. Container Kesho (Tomorrow) is now Container Leo (Today). Thank you for praying.

Our Shipping Container Landing at Shadi

We are grateful that the container provided a means to bring things that will help clothe our growing boy, fix some things around the house, and make food preparation a little easier. While these things are not necessities, they certainly are blessings. With the blessings, however, come a few peculiar challenges. We have prayed through the logistical challenges, but there is also a grotesquely fascinating history involving missionaries and their shipping containers.

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April 22, 2013   1 Comment

Unrest in Zanzibar

In 1964, three years after Tanganyika gained its independence, it was united with the islands of Zanzibar and became the United Republic of Tanzania. Interestingly, Zanzibar remained semi-autonomous after the merger; only some of the government’s services are shared with the mainland. There is, however, there is at least one major distinction between Zanzibar and the mainland: Zanzibar is proudly 98-99% Muslim, but on the mainland more people profess Christianity than anything else. Until recently, the whole country has enjoyed political stability–and that is highly unusual for this part of Africa.

Tension has been escalating over the past several weeks as Islamists have moved from mosque to mosque, building up support for independence from the mainland. Riots broke out in Stone Town, Zanzibar, last week on Saturday night and continued through Sunday.

It seems that these are religiously-motivated political riots. Two churches were burned and the Islamist party implicated in the riots is openly opposed to secular government. For now, the conflict is at a stalemate, but it is likely that tension will build as the country moves toward writing a new constitution by 2014. We are praying for the safety of Christians in Zanzibar and the sort of peace that would continue to permit the open proclamation of the gospel.

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