earthen vessels, East Africa, and the gospel
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April 2016 Prayer Update

We are starting to see the multiplication of gospel workers pick up speed. Bible Institute students are growing in confidence as they share the good news and churches are reporting that their neighbors are responding to the gospel. Having already gone to many of their immediate neighbors, visitation has already expanded to places requiring, for example, a 30-minute-walk from the church in Lusolelo and a 20-min-bike ride from the church in Nyakaliro. And, in this month’s pastors’ meeting, anticipating the birth of new churches, we started discussing the revision of the existing constitution to make provision for how churches can be added to the fellowship.

This feeling that we’re strapped to the front of a train that’s gaining speed is probably normal. Though the condition of the track ahead is uncertain, it’s all exciting and a bit unsettling at the same time! Let me give you a quick snapshot of what’s happening. [Read more →]

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Call Me Mng’wananogu

Paulo stopped by recently to give me a Sukuma name. Many of you may recall that Paulo served as the pastor of the church in Sweya for several years. You may also know that he is the one who has “baptized” our teammates with their Sukuma names.

You can call me Mng’wananogu (if you can pronounce it). It is the name given to a son who is favored by his parents because he is easy to send on errands. For this reason his mama may set aside an extra portion of dinner for him.

I am told that it’s not official until we slaughter a goat and have a naming party. I don’t have any goats ready for that, though some have already gone ahead and started calling me Mng’wananogu.

Sukuma village

A Sukuma village some time between 1906 and 1918.

When living in Sukumaland it’s good to be as Sukuma as I can. Although putting concerted effort into learning the Sukuma tribal language will have to wait while I’m still plugging holes in my Swahili, I have enough Sukuma to greet people and ask about their family. And that much is enough show people that my interest in being here goes beyond superficial matters. So Mng’wananogu I am.

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Launguage Progress Present and Future

In the most recent update video we thanked you for your prayers for our progress in language learning. We know that some of the credit for our progress is due to all of you who have labored with us in prayer. So, thanks again…and congrats! [Read more →]

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Swahili Words to Confuse if you Want a Laugh

People unfamiliar with a language have an uncanny ability to mix up words that have very different meanings. This is one reason why kids say such funny things. Our son has inadvertently confused some four-letter words for completely appropriate words with similar spelling. We laugh, knowing he is just learning. Some of my own language learning mistakes are almost as unfortunate.


Here Are some Swahili examples that I still confuse occasionally and cause a good laugh.

[

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