earthen vessels, East Africa, and the gospel
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Apologetics and Missions

During the second week of August the Bible Institute met for 40 hours of instruction on the defense of the Christian faith, or apologetics. Dr. Mark Snoeberger from Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary co-taught with Dan Eads; Dr. Snoeberger provided the bulk of the course content while Dan translated and elaborated for clarity and relevance. By the last day the students were discussing ways to witness to unsaved relatives and navigate a few ethical minefields. You can read more about the week from Mark and Dan.

Mark and Dan teaching apologetics

Dan Eads and Mark Snoeberger explaining the presuppositions of the Christian faith

In spite of the difficulty of this subject, I have become a firm believer in the importance of apologetics in the task of missions. If we don’t seriously consider how to adorn the gospel before unbelievers in those ethical minefields, the gospel message loses its influence in daily life. In my opinion, that is basically tantamount to disregarding God’s intentions for us in Jesus Christ.

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