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Seminar for the Churches’ Doctrinal Statements

The proper function of a doctrinal statement in the life of a church is what sets a church apart from a social club. That is, our existence and our work is defined and authorized by God’s word; unless we acknowledge this in practice, we are not much different from the run-of-the-mill charitable society. But if biblical doctrine is ever to function as it should, the churches would need to begin with a doctrinal statement they agree with wholeheartedly.

The churches have been using a statement that they helped write before their doctrinal convictions had matured. Some of the language in the current statement reads awkwardly or possibly implies unbiblical ideas. Last week (Feb 12–14), the Bible Institute sponsored a seminar for revising the churches’ doctrinal statements.

Seminar in Progress

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February 17, 2013   2 Comments