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Recent Tumaini Happenings


George and Robert

We are pleased to share with you that God has allowed us to bring two more children to live at Tumaini Children’s Home. The current total of kids living here is now 57. The two newcomers, George and Robert, are both about 5-yrs-old.

Standard 7 Graduation


Saturday, September 12, was also the graduation for Standard 7, our oldest 9 children. This milestone is particularly significant as it marks the end of primary school in the Tanzanian education system. Exams taken at this level determine placement into public secondary schools. In the nearly five years since our kids have switched over to a private school, they have taken great steps forward academically and socially. It is also remarkable to remember that many of their peers in the village will be unable to continue formal education after this point. Standard 7 is the end of the educational road for most people in our churches.

Here the new school year begins in January. Beth and the rest of the Tumaini team have started the challenging process of deciding the next step in the oldest’s education.

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Karen and Rachelle

Since January of this year, we’ve had two new members of our team here in Mwanza. Karen Streeter and Rachelle Miller joined us as volunteers for Tumaini Children’s Home. They have been a blessing to Beth Roark as they have relieved her of much of the less administrative work that goes into the day-to-day responsibilities of the ministry. Also, since the children began attending a private school, their level of education has improved and so has the amount of their homework load. Karen and Rachelle, along with Beth and Maiwe, help the children with their homework on weeknights. On the weekends these two ladies have developed classes to tutor the children in areas in which they need more practice.

Karen, Rachelle, and Ian

Ian with Karen (left) and Rachelle (right)

Rachelle and Karen have also been a wonderful blessing to our family. They have become good friends to me, and Ian loves them too! He gets very excited when “Kayen” or “Shelle” come over or volunteer to take him on a walk. This has been a great help to me as well. They have volunteered to watch Ian during my language lessons on Mondays and on Wednesdays when they are available. Their help has made it possible for me to concentrate on language during those times, rather than chasing after Ian while attempting to learn Swahili.

We are thankful Karen and Rachelle have joined us here, and I am happy to say that they have committed to minister to the children of Tumaini at least until the end of this calendar year!

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New Arrivals

The 5 New Arrivals and Rachelle

The 5 New Arrivals and Rachelle

Tumaini Children’s Home received five new children last month. These four and five-year-olds have been handed over to us at the request of another orphanage in Mwanza which is only prepared to care for infants and toddlers.

Aparrently there has been something of an epidemic in recently orphaned children recently. We are grateful that God has sufficiently provided the means so that we can become a part of their lives. Please pray with us that we (especially the employees and volunteers at Tumaini) will bear the added responsibility with wisdom and trust in God.

As usual, more information on the children and their adjustment into the family here can be found at Tumaini’s blog here.

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How to Help Tumaini Children’s Home

Beth, Ferdinand, and Happyness with kids

I haven’t said much here about Tumaini, the orphanage associated with our team’s ministry. Since Beth, the American co-director of Tumaini, is currently in the States updating many of our church partners and inviting them to help in a new project, it would be a good time to provide some of the same information here. We’ve coordinated Beth’s visit with the beginning of a new campaign for donated items. I’ve already mentioned that we will be shipping a container with these donations and a few of our things this summer; there is still time to help if anyone is interested.

The highest priority for this campaign is to collect the clothing the children will use over the next five years. Other items on the wish list include school supplies, first aid supplies, and toys. We are trying to make the giving process as smooth and efficient as possible, but it is also important for everyone to understand the particular needs and the long process involved with getting everything from here to there. If you would like to help–great! Please see Beth’s instructions and the list of needs she has provided at the Tumaini web blog here.

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